Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday night express dinner

So, pictures from my camera are loading, but not from my desktop. *sigh* oh the internets - why do you torture me so?

Tonight I am utterly exhausted and frankly, could use a lie down for about - oh, 72 hours straight. I didn't go for a morning jog today, and maybe that is why I feel so completely tired.

Yesterday was my University graduation (tiring), the day before was a trip to Taronga Zoo with my Sister, her 9 yr old, her 6 week old, Food Critic Andrew and my Dad. They drove up from Melbourne on Sunday night as a surpise. It was so great to see them! Baby Cameron is the most gorgeous baby I've seen in a while. he's also very calm, which is nice no doubt for my sister.

Anyhow, back to the recipes (why we're here!) Tonight I made this Chicken dish that I found recently on I am sometimes a bit cynical when I see "Kid Friendly" and often wonder whether it's a bit bland. Anyhow, I made it generally according to the recipe, except that I added onion, celery (after the chicken) and far more white wine than the recipe called for. I also added a bit more tomato paste than the recipe called for, just to taste. The recipe (despite the photo) doesn't seem to have olives included. So I put them in along with the mushrooms. The verdict? B Sides. I'd have this again. It didn't seem particularly special or out of this world as say the Beef Olives featured a while back.

Oh - and a special mention for Cold Rock Ice cream - I had one of their sundaes yesterday (after my Graduation - it was my special celebratory treat) The girl in the shop was nice enough to just make it with 2 instead of 3 scoops of ice cream. I still felt rather ill afterwards, but gosh it was lover'ly! My scoops? Choc hazelnut (with maltesers mixed in) and mint choc chip (no mix in). OMG, so unbelievably great. I love ice cream! I want an ice cream maker now!

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