Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ice cream tasting today

So I went to an Ice cream tasting today, and did some taste tests of various Cornetto and Drumstick flavours. My oh my were there some great ones. They are obviously thinking about marketing some new concepts and ideas, some (which I won't mention too many details) but they aim to elevate the Cornetto/Drumstick to a whole new level. Am I keen? I don't know. I was talking to Food Critic Andrew about these ideas, and he made an excellent comment - "I eat a Cornetto 'cause I love the taste of Cornettos and so I buy one when I want one". He made an excellent point. I think they should keep their ice creams traditionally flavoured.

They did make me want to make ice cream cakes though! I had an excellent one for my birthday last year - A star shaped cake with mint, chocolate and vanilla. I ate most of it (though, I suspect that is why I am now seeing the dietitican! LOL)

Perhaps I should organise something very special for after my graduation next week. Thoughts?

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