Sunday, May 24, 2009

Am I the only person in the world who has a religious experience when they eat banoffee pie?

So, I finally went and did it.

Forever, I've been wanting to recreate these amazing desserts that I experienced whilst living in the UK (Gloucestershire to be precise). I worked in a boutique hotel and one of the cakes/desserts they served was Banoffee pie. I had never tried anything so amazingly great in my entire life.

I've always had issues with my weight, always promising myself I would lose weight, so making these incredibly rich desserts seemed a bit contrary to that, and I'd never make something as rich and delectable as a Banoffee pie. Possibly out of fear that I would eat the entire thing in one sitting!

So now I've got my weight issues under control and feel a whole lot freer to make and enjoy these yummy desserts - because I know how to keep it in moderation.

So I found a few recipes on the Internets - but really ended up doing my own thing just by using the same principles I found all over the place.

So here goes -


Shortcrust pastry
1 x banana, sliced thinly
1 tin top "n" fill caramel (or you could make your own home made caramel)
whipped cream
drinking chocolate powder


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius (medium oven)
blind bake the shortcrust pastry for 10-15 mins
Allow the pastry to cool, then remove your rice/pasta/ceramic beads whatever you use to blind bake with.
Lay base of tart (or mini tarts if you prefer) with banana slices
Add caramel over the top, to fill tart.
Lay more banana over the top of caramel
lay whipped cream over the top
Top with chocolate drinking powder

Serve. Enjoy the love. Lie on the ground and hug yourself with joy for,oh, an hour or so!

Notes: These should be served immediately. Shea has suggested that she would put coconut in place of the chocolate - which sounds like a great idea. Food Critic Andrew would like a biscuit base -like the Best ever cheesecake - so I will probably try that next time.

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