Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best ever cheesecake (apparently)

So one type of cake I have never truly understood is Cheesecake (Cheese? Cake? separately sure, but never ever together…). Food Critic Andrew on the other hand is a huge fan of cheesecake, so I make one occasionally. He’s just getting over a nasty cold/flu (which I now have – hooray!) so I though I’d cheer him up with a nice baked creation. So I had a look around my favourite sites and came up with this recipe.

So if you have a look through the recipe on the cuisine's site -it involves a spring form tin, and firstly constructing a waterproof contraption around the edges with a combination of tinfoil and baking paper. So I made that, then proceeded to make the mixture, and then finally put the tin in the tray and adding the boiling water.

Then watched as the water came though the aluminium foil. So much for my waterproof contraption - *sigh*.

So it goes in the oven for 50 minutes initially, so I nonetheless trotted off to the DVD store, quite despondently to pick up some viewing for the evening.
We got back, and when the timer went off I duly left it in the oven for the prescribed hour (well, 55 minutes anyway). Out it came - and it actually looked like it had cooked! I was expecting a dish full of cream cheese yuckiness everywhere that would take forever to clean up.

Duly refrigerated it overnight and served it after Sunday lunch Roast rabbit (which is another story altogether). My confidence was shaken, but as I gingerly sent the hot knife through the cake, it actually had cooked! The biscuit base did actually look like it had some water through it, but actually cooked rather well. Food Critic Andrew actually said the base was a big part of the taste - and provided a nice contrast to the cake. Also, the bottom half of the filling was a bit less solid than I would like - but I don't know whether it should have more baking time, or it was the water.

Anyhow - will I do it again? Yes - unlike the Roast Rabbit, I sure will. With some modification and a bit more care with the craft project described at top.

And yes - it quite lives up to its name.

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