Saturday, May 9, 2009

French toast with caramelised nashi - Saturday breakfast

I've been busting to make this French toast with caramelised nashi for ages now, and haven't quite been organised. But here it finally is. And it was absolutely delightful. The one thing I am terrible at is actually reading and following the recipe. I followed this one very carefully, in case I missed something. I even made sure to use the right sugar.

And it was utterly delightful. I did have a terrible suspicion that it would turn out far far too sweet for my liking, but actually it wasn't overly sweet at all. Food Critic Andrew has even gone so far as to say that this could be a regular fixture at our breakfast table on a Saturday morning.

Downside? The nashi's are a slightly expensive fruit (in comparison to other pears and apples), but I actually have some leftover, which I may have on porridge this week. I am actually most proud of how golden the caramelised nashi is. As for food portioning? Well, that one slice was actually quite adequate for a light breakfast, surprisingly.

Oh, and best of all? The loaf of spotted tom (raison bread) now sitting in the fridge. Yum. I certainly don't need an excuse to get into that stuff! I would like to get better at making my own home baked loaves though! I can imagine how maany preservatives are in the store bought stuff!

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