Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cherry Cherry! Cherry Sago pudding

Cooking the Cherry sago

I've been doing all sorts of new things since moving to the countryside; one of them is eating lots and lots of cherries! I had always thought I didn't like them, but realised that it was in fact because I hadn't ever actually eaten them growing up (maybe it is a QLD thing? who knows...) Also, I visited a few dairies this morning; it was really interesting to see where our milk comes from.

However, my dears, that story is for another time and blog; this one focuses on a recipe I recently tried - Cherry Sago pudding. I've also tried Cherry Clafloutis, but wasn't as impressed with the results, so my experimentation continues....

Cherry Sago - this is from The Cook's Companion: The Complete Book of Ingredients and Recipes for the Australian Kitchen which I recently received as a surprise gift from Food Critic Andrew's Mum, Shirley - thanks, Shirley!

"Mum's Cherry Sago" - by Stephanie Alexander (slightly paraphrased by myself)


2 tbsp sago
1/2 cup sugar
400ml red wine or water (I actually used milk)
sprinkle cinnamon
500g cherries, rinsed and stems removed


1. Cook sago as per instructions on packet, with sugar, milk, and cinnamon
2. Stir until sago is nearly transparent, adding more milk if need be.
3. Add cherries, stir then let it simmer until mix is pink
4. Tip into a basin and chill
5. Serve cold

PS. is there a difference between sago and tapioca?

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  1. Is sago what we might call tapioca? Just wondering...