Sunday, May 10, 2009

Anzac Biscuits by Helen

*sigh* I've been trying for days to get the pictures to upload, but they just don't want to. Anyhow:

My friend/colleague Helen made some amazing Anzac biscuits:

Helen writes "The Anzac recipe was from taste -

The Anzac biscuits were so yummy, and I'll definitely make them again. I measured the dough out with a tablespoon, so that's why they're all a consistent size, and it actually made 35, not 24. I used the scales to measure the ingredients out instead of the volume measurements and 10min in the oven is exactly right, but a bit longer is fine if you want them a bit crunchier on the outside. If the mixture made 24, each biscuit would be 524kJ each."

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