Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Sometimes you really just need to make a very minimalist meal - I'm not saying in terms of ingredients, but in terms of effort. Over the weekend, I was very busy in the test kitchen making sushi, tempura, chocolate tarts (all of which turned out OK, but still need work before I release them to your good selves. Side note - the tempura turned out way better than I expected) and by Monday night, I was just a bit over it and needed some good, simple, little to no effort food. I guess this differs for everyone, but for me, that meal is grilled garlic lamb chops, served with danish fetta, crunchy salad and a nice glass of wine. Food Critic Andrew loves some crinkly chips with his. I guess it's when you've had a _________ of a day, and just need to put something easy and comforting for your meal. My "minimalist meal" has changed over the years. Many years ago, when I was living by myself, it was what I now call 'emergency pasta'. It basically consisted of cooked pasta, add to that a good quantity of Raguletto's Romano pasta sauce (tomato and romano cheese - sooo tasty) and stir through. Then, add lots and lots and lots of grated cheese, to your fancy. If, like me you like your cheese melted through, then microwave for less than a minute until your cheese is melted. (Cheap, quick, but not very balanced! I'm sure that's part of the reason I put on so much weight over the years) Later on, it's quite difficult to get all that melted cheese of your cutlery and plates as well. What's your minimalist meal?


  1. You really wanna know my minimalist meal? I'm sure this will make some people cry.

    Okay, so you get your kettle on. You're only gonna need about a cup of boiling water, so it should really only take a couple of minutes.

    Now, while that water is boiling, pour some Deb (yes, I'm talking about that mash potato powder that you take on camping trips and even then, only use as a last resort) into a bowl and add some salt and pepper to the mix.

    Next, while the water continues to boil, you go to the freezer and get out the frozen peas. Throw some on top of the Deb/salt/pepper powder mix.

    (You've only got a few seconds left before the water's done.)

    Get the tub of margarine out of the fridge, and dollop a large spoonful on top of the mixture. By now the water should be boiled.

    Pour the water over this concoction, stir it a bit and place a plate over the top and let it sit for a few minutes. (This is usually where I pour myself a glass of water. I might add some ice if I feel like fancying things up a bit).

    And voila! A compulsive gamers dream meal. Quick, plentiful, cheap and dry. (Hence the water).

  2. Yeah, that does sound like a gamers meal, Tomurai!