Monday, May 25, 2009

Big Menu Monday - what's coming up this week?

So I finally get back to Big Menu Monday. I seem to spend most of my Mondays planning what I'm going to eat for the rest of the week, so I thought I might as well share it with the internets.

  • Kashmiri lamb curry - though I just found out this is really just another name for Rogan Josh. Oh well! The recipe looks great, nonetheless.
  • Meat pie - probably made with mince and some sort of yummy gravy. This is a special request from Food Critic Andrew. However, I told him that I see his pie, and raise him homemade pastry (but not the puff pastry part!) It leads me to the big challenge - homemade shortcrust pastry. Now -pastry is supposed to be easy, but it totally freaks me out for some reason. I'll let you know how it goes. I was thinking a) have back up pastry in freezer b) possibly make Maggie Beer's sourcream shortcrust pastry - which sounds utterly delicious. Helenactually made some pastry on the weekend so I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of that.
  • Apple and hazelnut strudels for some sort of dessert this week, I think (when I've finished the dark chocolate tart!)
  • And I've been rediscovering Nigella this week. I am so in love with her food, I want to weep with gratitude to her publishers..... I am sure you'll see something of hers in the mix this week.
  • Oh! And planning a dinner this weekend for a friend. I have entree ideas, dessert is sorted. Now for the main event???
Yum, yum, yum.

Now for some of that chocolate tart....

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