Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dark chocolate and coconut tart

Oh, now this is special.....

I've finally eaten all the Banoffee Pie and have now made this amazing dark chocolate and coconut tart.

Look, I got the idea from - they have a recipe for "Bounty tarts", basically involving some melted Bounty chocolates and a bit more chocolate melted in - but I've gone and adapted it to a more sophisticated adult taste (well -OK - it's got dark chocolate in it, might be a bit strong for kiddies).

So, basically -


250 gm best dark chocolate
300 ml double cream
100g (or more to taste) shredded coconut
quantity shortcrust pastry


Blind bake your pastry into a large tart pan, or into smaller mini tart pans.
On the stove, melt the dark chocolate, and stir in shredded coconut
When it is all melted and stirred through, remove from heat, and add cream.

Pour into cooled down pastry, and put straight into the fridge.

Allow to set overnight (or as long as you can hold off)

Serve cold with whipped cream on the side or any other side you prefer such as vanilla ice cream. Don't crowd the flavours too much, I think. The tart is quite soft, so really needs to be served straight from the fridge. Enjoy!

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