Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coconut milk yoghurt.....


So, I recently was stalking my friends on Facebook and noticed my friend Kathy Keynes mentioning Coconut Milk Yoghurt. Intrigued, I got in touch with them to try and source some product, however no luck! Perhaps they didn't get my email..but never-mind! Kathy was happy to provide a review for readers of this site. Thanks a lot, Kathy!

"Recently I had to say farewell my serious Greek yoghurt addiction when I gave up dairy for a few months. This is something I had been quite sure I would never do since there are so many yummy dairy products and dairy-containing items in the world, but I have since been proven wrong. So here I am, dairy free for about 3 months now, and always on the lookout for decent dairy substitutes wherever and whenever I can.

So far I have become a slave to soy products and rice milk, but the soy tends to leave a blah aftertaste in my mouth, no matter how much sugar is present. Then I heard about coconut yoghurt, Coyo, at my favourite health food store. This I had to try. The flavours available that day were passion-fruit and mango - the bright orange puree at the bottom of the container convinced me that this was the one that I wanted.

Back at home, I opened the container straight away to taste my new purchase, and saw a creamy, fairly thick 'yoghurt', similar in consistency to Greek yoghurt. While the fragrance of the Coyo was not very strong, the coconut flavour really shone through and then lingered for a bit. It reminded me of a very dense coconut cream but without the 'oily/fats' taste. The fruit puree created a nice balance to the creaminess, and I would imagine that a tart fruit puree may provide the perfect counterbalance to this product. The lady who sold me the Coyo recommended the passion-fruit flavour while a friend of mine tried the berry flavour, and thought it was quite good (and that it definitely needed the fruit).

I think it might be time for me to try another flavour soon!"

You can check out Coyo here.


  1. Like the idea of keeping yoghurt separate from our diet. I was told it was similar to ice cream by our naturopath.... Any help?

  2. Hi Brendan
    I'm not sure what your naturopath meant by that, but the Coyo did not remind me of ice-cream at all. It was not overly sweet and not that firm either (at room temperature). I did not try freezing the product so I'm not sure if it would become similar in consistency then, but it would be interesting to try one day
    Kind regards,

  3. Thanks for responding, Kathy. By the by, I found a lactose free coconut ice cream recipe today over at: . Sounds yum!

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