Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Roast - Crispy duck with cabbage

Ohh, look at that crispy duck skin. Today was the first time ever that I attempted to roast a duck. I bought it yesterday in Chinatown. I've been researching over the last week how I should cook it, and the best recipe I could find was here.

However, I decided to skip the apple cider parts and simply saute some cabbage and give it a white wine vinegar dressing. Gravy was served on the side, along with roast onions, parsnip and potato. You can see from the lightness of the flesh that this was a farmed, not wild duck. Food Critic Andrew tells me they are a lot darker in colour, and a lot stronger in flavour.

Make sure of the following:

  • Your duck is up on a rack above your roasting tray (this allows for the fat to drain)
  • Don't worry about olive oil on the vegetable - there is plenty of duck fat darining out of the duck as it cooks
  • Don't stuff the duck, just put in some onion and herbs. This lets the hot air cook the duck from the inside.
  • To ensure a crispy skin, pat the duck dry after washing, score the duck breast, and rub salt into the skin.
So I've kept the duck carcass and remains to use as stock at some point (fingers crossed. Firstly, I need to find a use for it).

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