I am passionate about cooking and eating. I love trying out new recipes and sharing what I've learnt about them. I would say I am more "enthusiastic amateur" than "expert" and am happy to share my failures and triumphs here on repertoirefood.

Also, I like a bit of a rant on occasion, about my pet subjects.

Repertoire food started out in April 2009 after so many people were asking me to share my recipes I thought it might be easier just to put them online. I aim to find those recipes you'll want to make over and over again - additions to your own personal "repertoire". I use this as my own personal reference time and again, and hope that you enjoy this site.

Repertoirefood is currently undergoing an upgrade to a standalone site.

Blog Schedule:

Monday: What went wrong? Questions and answers to your cooking questions

Thursday: Fast food: Quick dinners to satisfy the weekday grind

Sunday: Sunday Bake: Scrumptious baking to get your teeth into