Monday, May 4, 2009

Such interesting things at "Breadtop" today

Breadtop is a franchised bakery in Chinatown. I went past the World Square one today and popped in for a brief look. Here is some of the more adventurous stuff on offer:

Bamboo charcoal bun.

Bacon bun - with fish flakes. yum?

Seaweed Pork floss. An interesting combination, most certainly. On Saturday I am planning a Chinatwon expedition to pick up a duck for Sunday roasting, along with proper dumplings, red bean paste (or possibly just prepared red beans in a can, whatever I can get), so I think I may buy a few of the above things just gor pure taste testing. I love Breadtop! I did break, however, and buy some Meiji black chocolate from the supermarket. I wish my local supermarket sold this stuff!

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