Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chinatown visit! Saturday morning expedition

So I had an expedition to Chinatown today - with the express intention of picking up a few ingredients, most specifically a duck - and also some red bean paste pre-curser. I can gets duck locally but at a very expensive price. I also thought that since I was there I might pick up some Asian food staple such as udon noodles, and "cake mix" (I think that should be bread mix!)for the kaarage chicken that I've made once or twice. So happily, it also turns out quite nicely that there is a very cheap produce market underneath. I managed to pick up a duck for roasting, and a frozen rabbit for quite a lot cheaper than my local butcher (A little while ago, I'd planned to do a roast rabbit). Also a whole lot of fresh vegetables for far cheaper than my local supermarket, so I am very very happy. And yes, I did manage to pick up azuki beans for the red bean paste pancakes I'll be making in the near future. I am very pleased. My fridge is very full.

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