Friday, July 10, 2009

Packet mix review: White Wings Instant mousse

So I found some of this instant mousse in the cupboard, and thought, as a service to you, lovelies, that I would try it out and see if I could make something yummy out of it. The last time I tried this stuff, I don't think I beat it properly, and it was sort of runny. Determined to make a better go of it this time, I duly followed the instructions, and lo and behold - a proper (if sort of bland tasting) mousse was born.

So what did I make out of it? Well some of it is still sitting in the fridge for Food Critic Andrew's consumption. I made 2 slightly different versions of a mousse - the berry version: (I had this one! It was rather delicious)

Mousse/layer of mixed berries/mousse/whipped cream/piece of dark chocolate

And a version with whipped cream and layers of, well more mousse:

mousse/whipped cream/mousse/whipped cream/piece of dark chocolate

This definitely photographed a lot better! After the photos were taken, as an afterthought, I actually added a tiny bit of mint "Ice Magic" (Magic Shell to my North American Friends) to both (Oh! the shame. I just wanted to see how ice magic would go on cream. Rather nicely, as it turns out) Food Critic Andrew was most impressed by the mint taste, actually - and suggested next time a more daring foray into "minti-ness" might be warranted.

I think though, all in all, this stuff was a bit bland - but nevertheless very convenient, and a bit of a novelty, especially if you're not feeling too confident about making homemade mousse. Making homemade mousse? Well, that's another post, lovely! I think I will try a dark chocolate version...already thinking out some recipes...

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