Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update on the best ever cheesecake (for Andrew's Mum! - Guest editor Shirley)

It's so rainy outside, so I am trying to remember what it looks like when its sunny here. I attempted the best ever cheesecake again over the weekend. I'd promised Food Critic Andrew that I would make him another. I bet he is very glad I don't actually like them! (More for him!) So, remember my last attempt a few weeks ago - where I had thought it was a failure. I think I should possibly call this "trustcake" 'cause you just have to trust that it's going OK.

So this time instead of doing the fiddly bit with the cutting out of the baking paper I just whacked in some extra wide baking paper that I had found. And what was the result? Not much difference, except cosmetic (from the baking paper). The base still looked the same, so I guess it went better than I thought on the first go!

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