Monday, June 1, 2009

Menu Monday: Whats cooking this week?

So, this week I am totally obsessed with chocolate of all kinds...and particularly the Hershey's chocolate website and the black magic cake that is in there......Oh, it looks like several different types of heaven!

So what am I planning on cooking this week?

Well, firstly I need to explain the amazingness that was my weekend cooking - but that's probably for the next post. I made cranberry bliss bread, lemon tea cake, pannacottas, zucchini pancakes, roasted quail.....And I now have a fridge that is truly bursting! with food.

Fairly easy night tonight - steamed up some basa fillet and served it with capers and lemon juice, and a nice side salad. Sometimes Mondays are about taking it easy and light, especially after a big weekend of eating.

Tomorrow night - Food Critic Andrew is making his famous Spaghetti bolognaise.. Fairly sure this is a scret recipe, but I will try to take some photos for the blog, and possibly glean some of his secrets.

Other things I'd like to try this week - include a simple beef casserole, with yorkshire puddings.

And I'd love to get my hands on some quandong jam to make quandong ice cream...yum

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