Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why is there not enough mexican cuisine in my life?

Or tex-mex for that matter? Sydney is curiously bereft of mexican (and when I say that, I do mean tex-mex cuisine - I'd love to try 'mexican' but the concept is probably a bit too much for Sydney so far. Baby steps, people!
I absolutely love Cafe Pacifico in East sydney, and am looking forward to visiting again soon when our West Australian via Brisbane via Mackay friend visits, hopefully with much tequila imbibement.

I have spent a curiously long time looking for authentic mexican recipes - but am wondering that perhaps I need my spanish to be better first.

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  1. Cafe Pacifico is a Sydney must! The chicken chimichanga is comfort food amplified x 10 and the tequila cocktails are heaven! Here's the recipe for my favourite (I sold my soul to the bar manager to get it):

    The Mexican 55 (built in a highball glass)

    45ml Cuero Tequila
    30ml fresh lemon juice
    15ml sugar syrup
    Dash of bitters
    Topped with champagne

    Very refreshing and powerful!

    We'll have to get together when we are both in Sydney again and spend an evening there again xx