Monday, June 29, 2009

Big menu Monday – what’s cooking this week?

(Saturday breakfast: I hadn't had finger buns in a very long time. Far, far too sweet!)

Welcome again to another week of repertoire food! Frugality and using up leftovers are the theme for this week. I did a whole lot of baking over the weekend - including Guest Editor Shirley’s divine sultana cake, and I also made a delicious looking (haven’t tried it yet!) hedgehog slice from some leftover stuff in my fridge. Yesterday we had roast veal for lunch, which, whilst tender, was largely uninspiring. I was slightly disappointed, and am looking for pointers to enhance it for next time. This week I will be making a Choucroute Garni, with fennel and pork sausages. Tomorrow: vegetarian (black bean) fajitas. This weeks Gluten Free meal will be Spaghetti Bolognaise, (as cooked by Food Critic Andrew followed by tapioca and coconut pudding (cooked by me!). I will attempt to find out the secret of amazing spaghetti bolognaise dear reader – but I cannot make any promises. The recipe is jealously guarded! There will also be numerous variations of crepes! - Both gluten free, as well as a lighter, fluffier “regular” version using soda water. I am also tossing up doing some salmon croquettes later in the week, as I have some instant potato mash that I really need to use up shortly. I think they will be served with a homemade tartare sauce, which I think will be the real star of the show there! As for weekend baking – well, I am currently veering towards making some jammy fairy cakes, or perhaps a jelly cake. I think you can probably see the theme here, dear reader? What have you planned to make this week?

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