Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Run Rabbit Run

So I wanted to do up the yummy rabbit leg that I saw on the Cuisine site today - it looks absolutely divine. So I started thinking about this early...rung my local butcher, confirmed that indeed that they do stock rabbit (yay!) and then finally rocked up this afternoon to pick up yummy thick lamb chops and pick up the rabbit - they said they sell them frozen so thought I would be a bit organised. And then - it was awfully expensive. The whole rabbit - they don't sell them in parts - was going to be $50! So scrapped that idea totally.

Was thinking to might do the thing with chicken soon. Andrew tells me that Rabbit "tastes just like chicken". In Australia, Rabbit is vermin, and my Dad grew up hunting them for pet food. Yes yes, they're cute, but growing up in a rabbit free state I never thought much of them. I've tried it once, I think when I was very small. Not paying $50 for a rabbit. It would have been probably cheaper to buy one from the pet store.

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