Friday, July 24, 2009

Maisie, Maisie...

So I'm looking for some great yo-yo recipes. I'm sure I'll find one or a few! I think they must invlve custard powder somewhere. Anyway, totally not food related - but I had to share this cute picture and remind you why I love Andrew so much (awww!) So we were rushing around doing errands this morning and a dog wanders out onto the road in front of us. Andrew insists on stopping, and rescues the puppy off the road and attempts to call the owners, who cannot be contacted. So he contacts the next phone number on her tag, which turns out to be her vet. So we take "Maisie" down to the vet, all the while Andrew is comforting her, 'cause she looks a bit - well - confused. We then drive back past on the way back to our errands, and see a teenage boy out where we found Maisie, so Andrew gets out and informs the boy where the dog is. And then when the mobile phone owner calls back (she'd had a few missed calls - turns out it was this boys Mum...) Andrew nicely explained the situation and where she could find her puppy!. Such a cutie. Andrew is such a nice man! I am so very lucky.

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  1. What Penny meant to say is that we nearly hit the silly puppy in our car. She did an excellent job of stopping in time on such a busy road.

    The dog itself was well relatively well behaved given the situation; it did not know any better than to be wandering on Victoria Road.

    I figured that if someone had found my dog wandering on the road, I would want them to take due care of an animal in a dangerous situation. Penny and I were lucky to have missed it, but I cannot vouch for other Sydney drivers. I hope that the 14-year old had learnt a lesson about responsibility: This time around, the worst thing was having to walk a couple of kilometers to pick up the dog from the vet. Had the dog been hit, it would have been a harsher lesson indeed.