Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Possibly the best ever sultana cake....

I have recently been having cravings for a nice bit of fruit cake, or fruit slice, anything with raisins or sultanas in it. I had been searching the Internets for the perfect recipe. I mentioned this to Andrew over a meal one day, so he promptly called his Mum, Guest editor Shirley, who emailed me the amazing recipe below. This cake was so amazingly soft and tasty, and of course, fruity! Just the thing for my cravings. Food Critic Andrew is (clearly!) already a fan, so there was no winning over to be done there. As Shirley suggested, I used less currants and more raisins and sultanas. I just love this recipe. This will definitely making more appearances in this house! Thanks so much Shirley!

Light Fruit Cake

½ lb (250g) Plain Flour plus 2 good dessertspoons Self Raising Flour & pinch of salt.

4 eggs (beaten) ½ lb (250g) butter

5 oz Currants ½ lb (250g) sugar

5 oz Raisins 2oz Chopped Walnuts (optional)

5 oz Sultanas

Cream butter and sugar until well combined, add beaten eggs, slowly add fruit and nuts , then sifted flour and salt. Place in a lined tin (I use an 8 x8” tin)and bake 1 ¾ hrs for a moist cake – 2 hours at 180 degrees

(You can cut back the currants and make up the difference with Sultanas & Raisins – too many currants will give a cake a burnt taste )

Update: I also should have mentioned that like with all fruit cakes, you need to let this one cool in it's pan before trying to remove! And Shirley tells me that she sometimes ices this with lemon icing..yum...

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  1. How delicious does that look? I will be baking one this weekend. Thankyou Chef Penny!