Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The one thing that always irritates me about those Tuesday newspaper food supplements such as "Epicure" and "Taste" is the terrible un-originality of the scheduling. For example, the edition before Easter is always, always "the chocolate edition". The thing is: making more chocolate stuff at Easter. You've stuffed your face full of chocolate Easter eggs first thing; the last thing you want to do is eat some chocolate macarons, chocolate cake or whatever. And of course there is always a roast lamb recipe! 

We've already had the healthy new years recipes to support that resolution to lost 5 kilos; the valentines day couer de la creme and next we'll have "kids cooking" for Mothers Day. 

The edition before the football (whatever code your state follows) grand final is always "footy fever"! And the accompanying recipes are what I would term "bloke canap√©s". Tiny burgers. tiny sausages. cheesy dips. Sausage rolls. Some variation on hot dogs. It's pretty much a rehash on the Father's Day offerings. 

Maybe the problem isn't the newspaper supplements - maybe it is me? Perhaps I've read them for too many years, and perhaps they are more more suited to non-cooks? I don't know the answer. It's what is in-between those editions that is far more interesting. 

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