Friday, March 8, 2013

Sometimes I wonder... it is that time passes so damn quickly? A little while it seemed that there was all the time in the world, and now the time has passed and I'm back into the real world next week. Honestly, I can't wait!  I said to someone yesterday that I was probably ready to go back to work after the Christmas break had passed and that's the absolute truth. I live for (adult) social interaction, and I feel as though I've wasted all this time sitting at home. I feel refreshed and ready to go and like a whole new world is laid out in front of me. 

There is so much lovely backing to be done, I'm almost paralysed with too much choice. So I figure I'll start at ice-cream. If you follow me on twitter (hey, and if you don't follow me, get onto it, bitches...), you'll know that recently the lovely people at Minimax sent me a Cuisinart 2 litre ice cream maker and I've been experimenting with chocolates, raspberry and macadamia flavours so far..Also made a lovely lemon sorbet with some packet much from Woolworths just to see if it is worth it (it isn't, it tastes alright but the amount of preservatives is phenomenal..)

I feel like I've completely lost my photographic mojo so I'm working on that too. Why? Who knows. 

Anyhow, still going on the "proper" website, I need to faff around with the visuals for it. And get past my irritation at Firefox (Sitebuilder doesn't appear to like chrome) and just bloody well get on with it.

Made some lovely Honey Joys today - seriously love that it's such a simple little thing to do. I made a full lot and they seem to be disappearing very quickly. And I'm trying to find something to make for some International food thing we have at work soon - considering some sort of molĂ© chicken just for the "wow!" factor but will probably be safe and do something sweet. Mexican wedding cookies? Key Lime pie? 

*sigh* getting off the computer and will go make a lemon tart. That lovely lemony yellow cheers me up no end!

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