Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hi everyone,

Just a quick August roundup for you from Repertoire Food. Well, we've had the most traffic we've ever had per month since I started this blog way back in April 2009 - so a big thank you to all my wonderful readers and supporters of this blog.

It is the final day of winter here, and I am looking forward to shedding some layers and exploring some lighter food, I have seen some beautiful salad recipes from our friends in the Northern hemisphere and am looking forward to trying them out this summer.

The garden has suddenly sprouted into life, and yesterday I picked my first ever home grown radish. It was sort of misshapen, but I was rather proud of myself!

So onwards and upwards folks! I have some wonderful recipes coming up in September, and something cooling right now waiting for its closeup. Of course, you know it probably involves chocolate, right?

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