Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: Betty Crocker Super Moist Devil's Food Cake Mix

Photo: Penny Williams
It is Friday, and it is the weekend for me! I get to start my weekends early because the working week at my day job starts on a Sunday. Yeah, that part totally sucks, but hey, at least it is a nice quiet day - few distractions and no hassles. I've been doing this since last November - and if I had a choice, I would like to go back to a normal "Mon-Fri" schedule. But even more, I would love to make this blog more a part of my working life (read...make some money off it!).

Anyway, for a girl working full time (or, in fact anyone), sometimes a packet cake mix really does make the day a whole lot better. Imagine, it is a Sunday evening, and you've promised your work colleagues that you will bring a cake tomorrow. This cake mix is the answer for you. Betty Crocker does one of my favourite cake mixes. It is very easy to make (4 steps only!), relatively mess free and uses ingredients that I normally have in the cupboards. Best of all, for a "packet" cake, it tastes natural and works every single time. 

Cake with whipped cream centre.
Photo: Penny Williams

The only extras you need are water, vegetable oil and 3 eggs (and 50 minutes of so). A stand mixer helps, but isn't necessary. I didn't have one for years, but now I really enjoy the convenience of having one. I can start a cake whilst the dishes are being done of an evening and a few minutes later am ready to pour the mix into a pan. Of course, you can also make this recipe into cupcakes if you have some patty pans available.

The "Creamy deluxe frosting" is also included in the box and I personally think this is the best part - and the reason I prefer to buy this particular cake mix. You can buy the frosting separately, but frankly, I think I would probably sit down in front of an episode of "True Blood" and devour the whole lot in one sitting! So best to leave it well alone. 

This time, you will see that I cut the cake in half and spread whipped cream all over the base, before putting the top back on and icing. Then of course devouring some.... Nope, this one certainly didn't make it to work! It won't even make it past the front door, if Food Critic Andrew and I have our way....

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