Monday, December 28, 2009

So the leftovers continue....leftover Christmas pudding

Anchovy and oregano flat bread

Finishing off seafood wasn't a problem... I de-shelled the prawns and froze them (they hadn't been frozen beforehand; they will become a prawn cocktail in about a week or so, though they look slightly too messy so I may change my mind) and last night I served an entire mezze platter for dinner served with flat bread that was made from a recipe from this new book Bourke Street Bakery, which I was lucky enough to find underneath the tree this year. I served cold chicken pieces, Oysters Kilpatrick as well as olives and various other salad-y bits found in the refrigerator.

There was a large amount of dough in the recipe, though I was tempted to halve it, I decided to make a vaguely Georgian Hachapuri (I took inspiration from Nigella Lawson's Feast: Food to Celebrate Life, which I perused whilst my coffee roasted). I just used what cheese was already in the fridge; low fat ricotta, danish feta and some Parmesan.

Ironically though, the one thing I seem to be having trouble finishing off is the Christmas pudding! Despite lashings of custard, I'm a bit over sweet things at the moment (probably a good thing, I'm feeling rather hefty of late). However, when I'm ready to revisit the pudding, there are a few ideas around the Internets:

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