Friday, January 25, 2013

Back to basics: A repertoirefood mission statement.

I've been busy lately, as you know. Today's post is just to get it straight in my head what I am on about here. And what repertoirefood isn't about.

It's not a Mummy blog (there's enough of those, and I don't pretend to be an expert in that area)
It's not a travel blog - maybe? I live in a touristy area, and am keen to promote my local area and all the lovely food that comes out of it. Maybe soon.
Yeah, I work in the dairy industry, so there isn't going to be a whole lot of non dairy recipes in here. I love cream. I love milk. I love ice cream. I don't get paid by my dairy employer to write blog posts about the dairy industry so it's not a cow blog, folks. (Yeah, I follow some dairy producers on twitter: they are awesome people)

I like testing out recipes; sweet, savoury, whatever. I love baking! I love cookbooks! I even love packet muck  because you can knock out a delicious something and cook dinner at the same time. I love taking cool photos. I have a crime scene photography background so I know a tiny bit about it, but I'm not a photography fiend or anything. I was invited to judge a photo competition  which was loads of fun.

I don't watch "Masterchef" or "My Kitchen Rules" so I won't be commenting on them (unless it is a part of a larger reality television rant). Possibly I will comment on Heston's Feasts, because as much as the "dinner party" parts are unbearably awful I do like Heston's food history bits. There's not enough of that in there!

Ever since I got this Mac airbook I've found the process of uploading photos pretty unbearable/way too hard. I'm working on that, I promise. It's been stifling my blogging. Too much.

It feels good to just write some stuff down and not worry to much about getting it "just right" I am just typing out my thoughts, feeling frustrated that I don't know enough about Joomla and just between you and I and the entire Internet, really hanging out to go back to work. The days are rolling into one and I don't go back until March 18. So I am trying before then to get the site up and running! So I can finally make this thing happen. It's been 4 years folks, let's get repertoirefood into some sort of lucrative business....

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