Saturday, June 30, 2012

The great lasagne debate....(and frustrations with my local supermarket..)

I generally am inspired to make lasagne once a year, usually in march. This year, I did not make it. Generally what happens is that I get all inspired to make the lasagne - then we eat it, I am reminded how bloated I always feel after eating it and the remaining portions are then sent to freezer purgatory, where they are never eaten because I can't stomach the thought of being all bloated, and Food Critic Andrew doesn't eat leftovers. 

 When Food Critic Andrew bought this up this evening I thought long and hard but I've decided to give it a miss this year..... I've actually eaten lasagne a couple of times while out and I think I've had my fill for the year. 

But onto my rant of choice. My local supermarket (one of the big two) has a magazine which currently features peking duck. It is on the cover, and there are products (heavily advertised, mind you) is some sort of peking duck kit and has the pancakes and hoisin sauce all there. Since we are in a rural area I though I might give these a try since we cannot get peking duck anywhere around here....

Of course they don't stock it...despite it being heavily advertised....and I can't believe I waited so long for the staff to consult with each other and finally work it out.....FAR TOO EXOTIC FOR THIS PART OF THE WORLD! *sigh* You can tell I have the winter irrits, huh?

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