Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cupboard love....(and a confession..)

I don't know whether it is my new found love of all things savoury but I seem to have developed an overflowing pantry! Time to use up some of those more um..obscure ingredients. The thing about trying new recipes is that you often might only use something once, then you find what is left months later and have to figure out something to do with it! So of course you need to buy more obscure ingredients...and the cycle continues. We went through a brief phase of trying out vegetarian meals. For better or worse, I guess, we've fallen back into our carnivorous ways. Case in point:  I have had though, a tin of Sanitarium nutmeat in the cupboard; and no ideas what to do with it. I decided to see if I could get away with putting it into a lamb pot pie and see if there's any taste difference.  It  didn't work. Despite spending about 40 minutes trying to disguise the overpowering nutty flavour - and smell. When Food Critic Andrew put the first forkful in his mouth he immediately spat it out and declared that it had some terrible "chemically type "taste. I vehemently denied that I could taste anything different and kept on calmly eating. I'm sure it's healthy, but that stuff is gross! There was no way I could disguise the taste any further without drowning the entire meal in Tabasco. In fact, I'm not even sure that would do the trick. I'll never, ever buy it again. I think I'll just leave that secret between myself and the blogosphere. I did actually make quite a lot of cupboard space in my quest to get rid of the "nutty" flavour though - I went through several different ingredients trying to find the"right" thing.

Last night I made up a Queen of Puddings from the SBS website (and the latest Feast Magazine). My friend Sandy had recently had some issues with SBS' recipes - they don't seem to be tested very well, so I was interested to see how this turned out. I don't think this recipe was tested. It claimed that you needed 750ml of milk, but the pudding turned out way "wetter" that it should. The base was practically swimming. Wiki does say that the base should be firm - but there is no way the mixture as suggested in Feast would ever set. 
It is delicious though - you can't really go too far wrong with meringue, jam and sugar! I place far too much faith in recipes and too little in my own gut instinct that was telling me it wasn't right. 

I will try with 500ml milk next time; perhaps when Guest Editor Shirley visits in a couple of weeks. 

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