Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lots and lots of soup..

So, I've been sent a huge box of soup to review for the lovely folk at La Zuppa. Just in time, too - the weather has turned dreadful down here. They have an amazing range, and I've been given a couple of each to try out and take to work for my colleagues to try. Here's the thing though - soup overload! At first I was all  "hmm, what am I going to try today??" Then the same the next day, then for a couple of days after that....and then I started thinking that maybe a salad was more up my alley...

No seriously. They're pretty great! So far, Food Critic Andrew and I have tried about half of the flavours between us (he works with me, it's OK!). The chicken and corn chowder is a particularly good one since it is tasty and full flavoured. I also like that they are convenient enough to take to work and since they don't need to be cooled, I won't lose then from the communal fridge. I think the only thing they need is a little bit of sour-dough toast on the side, amply buttered of course.

I also made sure that we had a small interdepartmental lunch where we bonded and of course tried some of the lovely soups on offer. They were all pretty popular - especially the Ribbolita Tuscan vegetable. A small criticism was that the Minestrone tasted more like a pumpkin soup with vegetables in it - and unfortunately no pasta in the soup. 

So I thoroughly recommend them. Best of all, they're 99% fat free, and gluten and dairy free if you have allergies. 

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