Friday, May 18, 2012

Aren't these just the cutest things you've seen all morning?

Update: I actually ended up making these for a work do; in fact we participated in Australia's biggest morning tea which is a fundraising event. They turned out nicely, if a little dense for my liking. I think they might be nice with rice four instead so I will try that. Probably very good for kid's parties, probably. 

I also made some of Donna Hay's macarons which are pretty good for packet stuff! I had them in the cupboard for a while as a backup to some "from scratch" macarons I was making so decided to make these for the fundraiser as well. I don't recommend putting the teaspoon of cold water in step 4 - it made mine too wet and they started to slop all over the place. A second lot went way better without that teaspoon of water. I also made them with chocolate powder which is very forgiving if you have an unevenly heated oven such as mine (some macarons turn out browner than others- the chocolate powder hides this)

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