Sunday, February 19, 2012

Captive audience + espresso machine = price gouging....

I totally get that restaurants/cafes have to pay their staff, pay their utilities and generally try and make a profit in there somewhere, but surely, surely $4.50 is way too much for a large takeaway coffee?

I was at the 2012 Australian Whaleboat Championships today and after the second heat decided to wander over to Proudfoot's (let's clarify before you comment, it is definitely "foot's", not "feet") to order a coffee. The only other food available (without having to physically drive anywhere) was a Rotary sausage sizzle, or the local rowing clubs hot dog stand. I'd already supported these 2 wonderful causes (the mystery meat journey has continued this week) and so ended up at Proudfoots looking for a caffeine hit. 

But humph! $4.50 for a bit of steamed up milk and a couple of shots of espresso - and don't forget the chocolate sprinkles. I am usually a latte drinker, but when I am not familiar with the Barista's work I order a cappuccino in case it is bitter (my theory is that the chocolate might go some way to masking any bitterness). 

It WAS a decent coffee, but price gouging makes me so angry! Just because you have a captive audience doesn't mean you should take them for a ride. 
Kitty Esposito took this awesome picture of the team.
Anyway, the good news of the day is that our team - The Sungold Lab Rats won the day - we are the "back to back" Australian Champion mixed team. That's me sweeping (um...standing up and steering if you're not familiar with that sort of language). We are now working on getting our faces on milk cartons this year - the women's team that won last year got their face on Vegemite jars but we aim to go one better.....

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