Monday, August 2, 2010


We are still one month away from Spring, and, as much as I love baking puddings and all those sorts of things to keep one toasty and warm through the season, I thoroughly cannot wait until summer. I have had enough of being rugged up and wearing several layers and my hands being too cold to move when I go for a jog. The sun doesn't seem to rise until after 7am here which is confusing me. I want to drink banana smoothies with abandon! Slurp on Weis bars whilst feeling the sand between my toes at the beach! Wear sundresses and make salads for dinner!

Tomorrow we are off to Warrnambool to have a further look at a couple of rental properties that we checked out last week. Now that we are definitely moving down there, we can start to make more concrete plans. We stayed last week at the Sebel Deep Blue Warrnambool, this time we are going to stay at Aqua Ocean Villas to see what they are like. We got a good last minute deal!

Of course, I managed to fall victim to the curse of country coffee, yet again! We took a scenic drive from Warrnambool to Stawell through some countryside that I had not seen before. The Grampians are so majestic and well worth a visit if you are down this way. We stopped at Dunkeld, a small town on our route. I was tired and in need of a coffee. I really should have gone with a soft drink, that I now know. Yet another latte dumped on the side of the road....

Hopefully this week we will get to visit Seppelt's Winery in Great Western and go on one of their tours. I am not much of a wine buff but I take a scientific interest in the process. Hopefully I can take some photos to share with you.

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