Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shagged (and in need of an Asian grocery store)

You know, I totally never seem to have time to do a total "once around" of my favourite websites of an evening anymore - one never seems to have the time. Busy, busy, busy at the moment with the cheesy lab. Anyway, I have found a solution in www.tastespotting.com - bringing the best bits of food blogs to me! Check it out - it is just delicious looking, and has some fabulous ideas.

I seem to be missing Sydney at the moment - well, I don't think it is about Sydney "the big smoke" but really the lack of Asian grocery stores around here! Nothing in my local town - but I did go for a long drive to Merimbula but couldn't find a damn thing. We found a Chinese medicine store - and the Chinese medicine lady told me she does all her grocery shopping in Sydney! Oh well - all I wanted was some Chinese cooking wine! Next Saturday I am going to check out a possible lead - apparently a service station nearby also doubles as an Asian grocery store. We shall see! I just hope it is not too overpriced. Actually I just want to find some Chinese Cooking wine. I'll probably pay far too much for it now - I am so emotionally involved in getting this stuff. You see -I'm hoping to make "Chop Chop" Chicken rolls and share that lovely recipe for you. It is inspired by a certain sandwich bar near the York Hotel in Sydney. Anyway, enjoy the view - from my old place in Sydney - a double rainbow. Wish me double luck for this weekend, folks!

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