Thursday, November 19, 2009

Moving south - and BBQ -o - rama

So we have finally made the "big move" and spent most of this week packing/moving/cleaning/driving/looking for a new place to call home and I can finally look forward to starting my new job on Monday. We are both so exhausted, and I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow.

We are staying in lovely accomodation which has BBQ facilities so we will be BBQ-ing up a storm in the next couple of weeks, until the place have applied to rent is available and we have been approved (though, we are thoroughly respectable so I'm sure that we'll be fine).

In the meantime sadly I will be missing my oven! I miss baking already, and *sigh* my beautiful espresso machine which is sitting in storage somewhere. So please bear with me good readers till repertoire food is back up and running at full steam ahead!!


  1. It's very hard to live without good coffee. The first thing, absolutely first thing I bought with my first pay cheque from my first "real" job was an espresso machine... the old fashioned kind, where you have to figure out how to use the steamer!!! Stay calmmmmmm... I made those cinnamon buns... they are FANTASTIC

  2. Very sad to hear you can't bake at the moment. Hopefully this will brighten up your day: you just won an award!