Monday, October 5, 2009

Merimbula Grapevine Pizza - Best pizza on the south coast!

Food Critic Andrew and I just returned yesterday from a trip down the south coast - a little further than we've ever been before. We had a few days to look around, and see what we thought of the place. Now, of course one of the things that are important if you're auditioning a potential area to live in is of course the local pizza place. So with that in mind we visited Merimbula Grapevine Pizza, which is right in the middle of Merimbula on the boardwalk. And we certainly weren't disappointed. They have a gourmet menu, with toppings like "Hut River Roo" - kangaroo, onion, fetta, roasted pine nuts on baby spinach, with cheese and fruit relish. However, we decided to stick with the classics, and ordered a small garlic and cheese pizza bread, Food Critic Andrew ordered a Napoletana, and I ordered the Mexicana. Helpfully - the lady making the pizzas actually checked how hot we'd like it - 7 out of 10, please! it didn't disappoint.

The garlic and cheese pizza was garlicky and cheesy, the Napoletana was covered in a generous sprinkling of anchovies and olives, and the Mexicana was just right. Also, I had a really great chocolate milkshake - and was impressed when one of the staff members came and checked whether I'd prefer that with my food or served immediately. The staff were friendly, and the place has people in constantly picking up their pizzas - which is a great sign in my books. Family friendly too - people were coming in to pick up their pizzas with pyjama clad kids in tow. Just what you want from a local pizza joint. Anyway, one thing that also impressed me was that they offer pizza bases that are gluten free - not something you find in Sydney all to often. Thumbs up! Anything I'd change? Well, since Food Critic Andrew and I are such huge garlic fiends, I'll definitely ask for extra garlic on the next one. But I suspect I have a much higher garlic tolerance than anyone really should....

Thanks, Tim and Staff! Hope to see you again, soon.

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