Sunday, October 25, 2009

Around the interwebs: Gosh! You can buy all sorts of stuff on ebay...

So I'm not a huge "e-Bayer" - (though I have had my account for about 8 years now, I've only made about 15 transactions) - but somehow in my early Sunday Internet wandering I came across this site which further informed me that I can in fact buy all sorts of sweets on eBay. Huzzah! I guess it is sort of on my mind - we are moving very shortly (I have a new job! more on that after I actually start it) to a country town but I am slightly worried about sourcing the "exotic" ingredients I really rely on. I will also miss the beautiful view! But really, I can't wait to be living down at Merimbula - it's so nice and relaxing there, and when we went down recently to check it out, I felt so much calmer than usual. Anyway, back to the ingredients. I am so glad for the Internet - it has opened up a whole new world for you if you're away from the conveniences of city living. Assuming of course, you have Internet access. You just have to find the right sites.....

Anyway, there are all sorts of different Kit-Kats available on eBay - for example - all the Japanese versions as seen on the nestle site. This fact alone makes me want to go to Japan. Right now! I thought dark Kit-Kats were exotic but above is shown "Fruit Parfait" and "Green Tea" flavours. I love Meiji dark chocolate - I think I am going to go on an expedition to China town just to see if I can find these. Then - if no luck there - off to Japan. Just have to convince Food Critic Andrew now....


  1. I LOVE it! Any reason to head to Japan really, but for green tea chocolate? I am SO there!

  2. I know I know. You should check out KtKat's wiki page for the entire list of their range. I think I need to go on a Japanese Kit-Kat road trip!

  3. We are heading off to japan in January - I will have to look out for them - such exotic sounding flavours. I never would have thought to buy food products on ebay.