Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eating ethically - or resisting the siren song of cheap cherries

I've been seeing a lot of very cheap cherries at my local supermarket, and I'm dying to make some Cherry Clafoutis or some other divine dessert with them. But alas, I'm resisting the urge because of the fact that they are 1) out of season in Australia and 2) product of the northern hemisphere, and I'm trying to eat seasonally and locally, as much as possible. So *sigh* I'll just have to wait until Christmas time to do so. The idea of eating locally has really taken off recently, and for my own part, I've been trying to not buy fruits and vegetables imported from overseas. Australia has one of the most forgiving, and varying climates, so we have an abundance of food all right here, on our doorstep. Obviously, cost is a huge factor here, and I'm not sure I have the resources (time and money) to only eat foods produced in a certain radius from our doorstep, but if I can at least avoid imported fruit and vegetables, then I feel as though I'm making a contribution in some small way.

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